Imaris Training School

3D Image Processing - INDEPTH COST action Training School

The training school is postponed to December 7-11th 2020. For those who already registered, please register again.





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General Information

In this training school you will learn how to use the Imaris software (Bitplane AG, Switzerland)  to analyse and quantify structures of the cell’s nucleus in 3D: chromatin, nuclear bodies, components of the nuclear envelope, nuclear factors and complexes, genomic regions … tagged by fluorescent proteins, immnostaining, FISH signals… 

Specifically you will learn

  • 3D volume rendering, slicing, combined multi-axis projections
  • 3D segmentation of nuclear signals 
  • Quantification of signals, size and shape, spatial distribution 

For examples see Dumur et al (2019) and our website 

Full program here.

When and where: December 7th-11th, Department of Plant and Molecular Biology, University of Zurich, Switzerland (directions


Contact: Célia Baroux



-       Follow the link below to apply. You will first be asked your email and name details to receive a link enabling you access to the application form. The application form requires your affiliation details and a short text describing your motivation, expectations and needs for this training school (max 150 words).

-        Places are limited to 16 students. Members from the INDEPTH and INC COST actions have priority but non-COST members are welcome. You will be informed on your participation after the application deadline

-       Application deadline: October 15th

-       Follow this link to the application procedure 

-       Members from the INDEPTH and INC COST actions can claim for reimbursement of travel and living expenses.