Establishment of a Lactococcus System for Plant ABC transporter study

The ABC protein family encompasses one of the largest protein families and is found in all phyla. The majority of ABC proteins are integral membrane proteins and act as ATP-driven transporters for a very wide range of substrates including lipids, drugs, heavy metals, ions and hormones.

In the plant model-system Arabidopsis 129 are genes coding for ABC proteins. However so far the substrates have been identified only for about 10 ABC transporters. For about other 20 genes the function has been proposed, but the substrates have not been unequivocally identified and no transport data have been presented.

This projects have the aim to better understand plant ABC transporters, especially to identify their substrates and reveal the detailed transport mechanism of ABC protein which will allow to place them in a physiological context. To do this, we will establish the L. lactis system for plant ABC transporters expression and substrate screening.

Fig. 1
Fig. 1: Scheme of screening for the substrate of ABC transporter Lactococcus system