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Department of Plant and Microbial Biology IPMB - Department of Plant and Microbial Biology

Dr. Stefan Andrei - Limnology

The lab brings together a small group of researchers working at the nexus of computational biology and environmental microbiome research. By amalgamating cutting-edge omics technologies with bioinformatics tools, we endeavor to elucidate evolutionary trajectories via the lens of ecological processes. In our current pursuits, we analyze environmentally-derived sequence data to comprehend the intricate eco-evolutionary underpinnings of microbial diversity.

Areas of competence:

  1. Ecogenomics: Leveraging metagenomics to uncover the lifestyle strategies and processes that mold genomic architectures in yet-to-be-cultured microorganisms.
  2. Evogenomics: Employing phylogenomics to decipher the evolutionary history of bacteria as ‘narrated’ by genomic data.
  3. Microbial ecology: Utilizing cultivation-independent methods to investigate the intricate interactions between microbial communities and their surrounding biogeochemical environment.

Expertise: computational microbiome research; genome-resolved metagenomics; metaproteomics; phylogenomics; genome-informed metabolic reconstructions; bioinformatics.

We currently have openings for master's theses in the following area: exploring the utility of protein-protein interaction domains as diagnostic tools for detecting and studying host-associated bacteria. For more details, please reach out to Adrian-Stefan Andrei.