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Department of Plant and Microbial Biology IPMB - Department of Plant and Microbial Biology


IDNAS group shares

Most groups at our institute use the file sharing system of the Zentrale Informatik (ZI).

The individual drives are shared within the group. Here, we describe the general principle and purpose of the drive. Also make sure you are using VPN when working from home or when you are using a wireless connection.

To access the server use the following paths:
For PC: \\\g_bot_<<gr_name>>$
For Mac: smb://<<gr_name>>$

For your credentials use your UZH short name. Please make sure to use the prefix <<\>> in front of your shortname when using Windows OS:
For PC:\<<shortname>>
For Mac: <<shortname>>

In case of a forgotten Password you can reset your Active Directory (AD) password it in the ITIM: Tivoli Identity Manager.

Personal folder on IDNAS

Each of you has the opportunity for some personal space (also on the servers). This can be found on your group share within the folder <<sgr_users>>.

Once you have mounted your server of desire you will find a folder named by your shortname in the <<sgr_users>> folder. This folder can not be accessed by anyone but you and the administrator.

Because space on these servers correlated positively with costs for your boss we strongly advise you to only store really important data such as paper drafts, the one picture for the paper or other important documents on the servers.This folder can be considered a safe haven as it provides the highest backup and security standards (see below).

Space limitations/rules

Because of technical reasons we can not provide a quota for the individual users. This means that the individual users have no limitation in space they occupy. There is, however, a quota for the drive as such which can be extended in steps of terrabytes (TB). This means when the whole drives reaches a full TB we need to extend the capacity and pay for it. Thus, please use it reasonably and don't store useless stuff on it. Also don't use this drive for working copies or to outsource your data.

Botserv4 shares

Our institute has a file server named botserv4 (Samba server).

Full domain name:
IP address:

Botserv4 provides network directories (share names). They can be accessed with a personal botserv4 account.
Ask your administrator to get an account.

In case of a forgotten Password, come to the Administrators office, to reset it.

Botserv4 shares overview

share_transfer to transfer large data between computers NO BACKUP
gel_doc to transfer your pictures without touching anything


share_seq default only read, write access possible