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What is SWITCHfilesender?

Previously, Dropfiles was a service from the Zentral Informatik which allowed you to send and share files (up to 100 GB) with people inside and outside of the University via a download link (password protected).

Dropfiles has been discontinued and has been replaced by SWITCHfilesender.

SWITCHfilesender has a current limit of 300 GB per file transfer and you can access this service with your UZH credentials.

Upload your files and generate a download link and a password for you to send to the recipient.

If you would like to send a folder containing several files, the best recommended way is to compress it and make a zip file before uploading it into SWITCHfilesender.


SWITCHfilesender is not a file storage platform.

Files uploaded to SWITCHfilesender will be deleted after 10 days.