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Department of Plant and Microbial Biology IPMB - Department of Plant and Microbial Biology

Car Reservation

Car booking

Password: QSk15P38+%bm17

Rules for use the Institute's car


Through your booking you explain automatically agree with the complete rules of using the institute's car

  • Every ride must be registered in the driver's logbook.
  • Please allow enough time for your journey. The penalties for speeding are very expensive and must be paid by yourself.
  • Smoking is absolutely undesirable in the Institute car.
  • The interior of the car must be cleaned after every ride.
  • Don't leave any personal belongings in the car.
  • Badly soiled cars must be washed by the driver himself.
  • The driver is responsible for checking oil level and tire pressure.
  • If the fuel tank is filled only halfway, the driver has to refuel the tank.
  • Damage or faults must be reported immediately to D. Bollier (internal phone number 48341).
  • Please park the car forwards in parking lot number 37 in the parking garage BOT.
  • In case of emergency call the Helpline of Totalmobil! 848 024 365.