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Department of Plant and Microbial Biology



BIO 297 ("Social Behaviour of Bacteria")

Simona is giving a two-hours lecture in the framework of lecture series BIO 297 of Prof. Leo Eberl in order to introduce the students into the fascinating world of predatory bacteria.


Block course:

BIO 284 ("Systemic Microbiology")

Generally, the predatory bacteria team is participating in the Block course BIO 284 organized by Dr. Aurélien Bailly & Prof. Leo Eberl. There we offer small research projects within our lab.


Practical courses:

BIO 138 (" Praktikum Mikrobiologie")

The predatory bacteria group is helping in the practical course BIO 138 organized by Dr. Gabriella Pessi & Prof. Leo Eberl. Here students learn many basic skills to work in the laboratory with microbes.


BIO 316  ("Forschungspraktikum Mikrobiologie")

Simona is happy to get into contact with you in case you are interested in a practical course on a research topic in her lab during the summer. Generally, this course is between 6-8 weeks.


Master Thesis projects:

Firstly, check out our open positions page for readily available project.

Come to our lab or office or write Simona an email to arrange a meeting to discuss options available.
You may also send Simona an email including your CV, current transcript of records and some sentences why you are interested.