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Department of Plant and Microbial Biology Retreat2023

General Information

Travel details
We will commence our journey via train, departing from the Zurich main station (Zürich HB) at 08:05. Our designated meeting point will be in front of platform 6. Kindly ensure your presence no later than 07:45 on August 31st, as we shall embark on our travels without delay.
The train ride is estimated to last approximately one hour until we reach Brunnen. At this point, we will transition to a bus to complete the remaining leg of our journey, destined for the Mattli Antoniushaus Seminar- und Bildungszentrum in Morschach (
Upon arrival, you may conveniently deposit your luggage in the designated Pausenraum.

The conference venue and hotel is Mattli Antoniushaus Seminar- und Bildungszentrum located in Morschach ( and overlooking the Urnersee.
However, since we have more participants than in the last editions and the hotel is at the limit of its capacity, we booked additional sleeping places in the Swiss Holiday Park ( which is a 5-minute walk from Mattli. We encourage people who do not want to be at the party for too long to stay there.
Please inscribe yourself in the room lists made available in P0 on July 26th until August 6th. Those who do not enrol will be assigned to a room. 
To check-in, present yourself at the front desk after 14:00 or later during the day. You will be handed your personal key card according to your inscription on the room list.
Check-out is in the morning, before the first session.  As the check-out happens hours before we leave, please ask at the front desk where the deposit of luggage is foreseen.
Besides the beautiful view, the hotel offers a games room (Spielhölle). There you will find a pool and a football table.

What to bring
Please ensure that you come prepared for an enjoyable night at the hotel. Since you will have approximately five hours of free time for socializing on the first day, you have various options to choose from, such as hiking, taking a swim in the nearby lake (Urnersee), or simply relaxing (Information can be found under (Leisure Program).
Considering the activities and the unpredictable weather, it is advisable to pack the following items, depending on the conditions:
- A small daypack
- A rain jacket
- A small umbrella (if the weather forecast indicates rain)
- Sunglasses, a hat, and sunscream
- A swim suit
Most importantly, remember to bring your train pass, as it is essential for transportation.

The meeting is free of charge. This includes accommodation, meals and beverages provided by the hotel staff during dinner or the coffee breaks. Whatever you order yourself (e.g. beverages or snacks) you will have to pay yourself on the spot. The hotel staff is advised to cash orders immediately.

Meals and seating
Food  preferences and intolerances are accounted for.
This retreat is a nice opportunity to meet and get acquainted with other members of IPMB that you haven’t talked to before. To facilitate this for our dinner, you will have to pull a number at the entrance to the dining room that specifies your seat.

Information for speakers
Thank you for giving a talk! Please stick to the presentation time foreseen and include 2-3 min. time to answer questions. Also, be aware that you are speaking in front of a multi-disciplinary audience, so make sure that you start from “common ground” with your introduction. For technical reasons, we can only run PowerPoint presentations, so please make sure that your presentation runs with that program. In case you run into technical problems, contact the technical director of the sessions, Stefan Roffler. Carry your presentation on a memory stick, and make sure that your presentation is downloaded onto the laptop provided no later than 10 min. prior to the beginning of your session.

The workshop program is organized in two blocks of 45 minutes each. Half of the workshops will focus more on scientific topics where as the other half will deal with topics not directly related to science. You can chose freely between the workshops. The only restriction is to choose one scientific and one alternative topic each. The participants for each workshop are limited to 50 people. Thus, please register in time as the spots will be assigned by the first come, fist served principle. Coffee, croissants and fruit will be available in the room.
To sign up for the workshops please use the following link: